The Longing

This is the post excerpt.


He told her to undress and wait. She obeyed as that was her duty, but she held on to the warmth of the soft blanket. Her nipples were hard, and she held herself pressing them in. The anticipation of him was making her cunt moist and she could feel herself starting to throb. What would he do? Would the encounter be about pain or pleasure- or both? Her breathing became heavier and she felt her mind becoming mesmerized with just the thought of him. He was so self-assured, and his resolve was unwavering. He could command her with just a glance. She unraveled herself from the blanket and assumed the position kneeling on the floor. She placed her black leather collar and cuffs on. Then, she placed the blindfold on and she could only see a sliver of light coming through the center. She wanted to touch her wet pussy and clitoris, but she knew that would make Sir unhappy. The sweet aroma of her wetness wafted up and this made her almost convulse with pleasure anticipating the touch of him. She could hear his presence near the door and she settle herself kneeling with perfect posture with her palms upright on her kneeling thighs.


As he entered the room, she could smell his masculine scent and feel his strong presence. They had been together several years but as she waited for him to approach it was always like the first time. The chemistry between them was palatable. As he walked near her, he barely brushed her face and it send quivers deep inside nearly causing a spontaneous orgasm. She was in his spell.


He instructed her to assume the punishment position and she hesitantly started to comply and he quickly said, “Do it now”. She quickly got up onto the bed and perfectly positioned herself onto her knees leaning forward on crossed arms with her ass in the air. He asked her did she understand why she was receiving the punishment and she said, “Because I orgasmed without permission, Sir”. He said, “Yes that is correct, and I want you to count” and within seconds she received the first hard slap on her ass cheek. She stated, “One, Sir”. As he slapped, and she counted, the pain intensified but yet there was a mixture of pleasure in this. She was ashamed for not following instructions, but her sexuality was always on fire and just the thoughts of him sent her to state that was hard to resist. He completed the spanking with 50 slaps and started rubbing her red and hot ass. He instructed her to get the cream and she quickly arose and got the arnica cream. He instructed her to lay across his lap and he rubbed the cream in with loving touches. He said he did not enjoy punishing her, but it must be done. She understood and knew he was right. Orgasm control was the hardest area to obey for her but she knew she must continue to try to control these urges and obey him.


He then instructed her to lay face down with her ass in the air and arms extended fully in front and to the side. She complied, and she felt him weaving the purple bondage rope through the D-ring of her leather cuffs. First the right arm and he attached it tightly to the bed post and then the left arm. “Spread your legs” and she quickly spread them almost losing her balance and he tied her legs to the bedposts. Without hesitation he commanded her to open her mouth and he quickly slipped a ball gag into her mouth and secured it tightly. She could feel the droop escaping her mouth almost immediately. He rubbed his hand across her mouth and then wiped her breasts causing each nipple to stiffen even harder. She could hardly contain herself. He then kissed the side of her neck and lightly touched her down her spine to her ass. He reached through her spread legs to her cunt which was dripping wet. He rubbed her clitoris for a few minutes. She writhed with pleasure. He slipped a lubricated glass butt plug in her and then she felt him thrust into her vagina filling it completely. While thrusting he reached around stimulating her clitoris and then pulled on her long dark hair. She was under his complete control. She felt the pleasure starting to crescendo and she heard him whisper and ordering her to come. Within seconds she let go and quickly burst into an intensely strong and long orgasm. He continued to pound into her from her rear until she felt him come hard and long.


He untied her bindings and removed the ball gag and blindfold. He laid next to her and held her tightly stroking her hair. She felt like she was home in his arms- safe and sated. His arms and hands strong protected her. There was nothing more that she longed for but to serve him, her Dominant, her Sir, her Master, her Soulmate.

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